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Extreme Karaoke

The Karaoke That Rocks

Extreme Karaoke @ The Laundry - Melbourne
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Extreme Karaoke - a little like crack, a lot like therapy. Every Wednesday night @ The Laundry, 50 Johnston St, Fitzroy, people are belting out anything from the Beastie Boys to Ben Harper, Placebo to The Pretenders.

It was here I once saw a wild brunette do the splits mid-air to 'Living On A Prayer'.
It was here that a scruffy boy sang Jet's 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' and sounded SO damn good, people next to me were asking if the band's singer had dropped in.
Wanna see some earnest college kids doing an ABBA medly with the whole head-turning, hand-clapping thing? Well... get your ass down to the Laundry.

And if you're good, Karaoke guy Dan (the sleepy-looking indie kid that runs the night) will even pull out the blow-up electric guitar.