Rachel (glamourbeastie) wrote in extreme_karaoke,

Grr, grr!

Sometimes, the stars align to bring out the Maximumrocknroll within us...

Good crowd at Extreme Karaoke, with everyone in fine form. anzal's 'Rebel Yell' gets better all the time, with neonfaerie commenting "He really owns this song now, doesn't he?"
Yep. Even the growly bits.

Excellent rendition of The Proclamers classic '500 Miles' by artbroken, complete with treacle-thick Scottish accent. And little miss neonfaerie span us "right round baby, right round like a record baby, right round right round...", as well as having a good Aussie go at The Eurythmics' 'Missionary Man'.

For my part, I did an okay job at 'Remedy' by The Black Crowes, did MUCH better at 'My Sharona' and went completely nuts with 'Welcome to the Jungle'. The crowd seemed to enjoy the windmill headbanging, dropping to my knees and obscene moaning; acting out those not-so-latent WAxl tendencies.

One major highlight was someone I shall dub Metal Lad. He spent most of the night quietly skulking around, looking scary in the tradition of most Metal Folk. Long, lanky brown hair, moontan pallour and black, black, black.
Then he hits the stage with 'Enter Sandman' and it's "POW!" All fists in the air, hair flying everywhere and a look of murder in his eyes. Sweeeeett...
It's very inspiring when you see girls in 80's retro banging their heads and making lil' devil horns to Metallica. A shared moment of RAAAWKK.
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